I was invited to participate in Nobrow #8 Hysteria issue (BUY IT HERE) whilst I was in Vietnam in Feb this year. The colours are so fitting with vietnam as the nature was acid green and the rest was communist red. The first idea that I indended to illustrate was a giant woman washed up on the beach near Hoi An, her long hair catching everything from the south china sea (soggy fortune cookies, lolly wrappers, seaweed, shells). But it wasnt working so I got rid of everything and was just left with a giant woman surrounded by little people in the same vein of Gulliver’s Travels. I might go back to that initial idea and try and make it work someday…

Thanks to Sam and the team at Nobrow

I have updated my website with new work like the above illustration of Angela Davis for French film mag Trois Couleurs. Thanks to AD Sarah Kahn for the great direction!

wow looking forward to more music from these ladies!


I Just finished recording new music with Mutya, Keisha and Siobhan and the girls felt like having a bit of fun at the end of the last session - enjoy!!

I haven’t published anything on my blog for a while so to break the drought here are my favourite looks from the autumn/winter collections. I’m thinking of illustrating more of these paper dolls wearing beautiful clothes, if people like them :)

(Source: eirianchapman.com)